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Hey Colorado- We Are Hiring!

We are now hiring an experienced sales team in the mile-high country!

Since we know you get a lot of sunshine in Colorado and are a very eco-conscious state, we want to be where you are! So who are we?

We are ONIT.

We know that sales is not about selling, it's always been about building trust and educating folks about our services and products. We pride ourselves on our customer experience and customer service. We are committed to making the switch to solar a simple, financially beneficial, process for each of our customers.

You’ll be able to set your own schedule. You never want to be so busy making a living that you forget to live life. If you need to make it to your kiddos dentist appointment, you’ll be able to do that! If you want to go hike a fourteen'er on a Thursday, you can do that too! No questions asked.

All you do is focus on the sales, we will handle everything else. ONIT Energy will take care of the logistics like contracts, panel purchasing, and installation.

I have a feeling that you are thinking, "there’s got to be a catch?!" Or "maybe this is a pyramid scheme?!"

There’s no catch.

This is NOT a pyramid scheme.

We are just looking for trustworthy, kind, self-motivated, hard-working, fun, team-members to join our ONIT Energy team in all of Colorado.

The earning opportunity is up to you. ONIT will provide the tools you need to succeed and earn more.

Solar energy provides one of the most lucrative sales opportunities available, and with ONIT Energy, selling solar has never been easier.

So, why solar?

Solar is the energy of the future.

When you drive down highway 93 into Golden, you will see the booming opportunity of solar energy!

Solar energy solutions are here to stay, and with the industry growing and panel technology getting smarter, smaller, and lighter, the industry is only getting bigger.

Green energy is a big focus for homeowners all over the country, and beyond. Being part of the solar industry TODAY will set you up to build and grow your customer base the FUTURE.

And why should you choose to work with ONIT?

We are part of the ONIT Home Service Group. We have been operating in the home service space since 2009, expanding from a smart home security company to offer everything a homeowner may need for their home. When you join ONIT Energy, you are partnering with a company that can provide multiple services, a vast and diverse network of colleagues, with nationwide coverage.

Here’s a bit more information about us.

If you are seriously interested in joining our team, please contact us here!

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